Mage Terminus

Tens of thousands of years ago on my world of Kevlok, a war between magic and technology raged. My people were a sturdy stock, whether techno-centric or magic wielders. Along with our might came an ambition to expand our spheres of influence. 

I was born into an ordinary triad family of a father and two mothers, with a brood of six brothers and sisters. I had a different name back then, one I can scarcely remember. As with all members of my family I was gifted in the magical arts. My potential exceeded even the estimation of my home city's Adepts.

At the time of my upbringing, the war of which I spoke was just beginning. It is true that the seeds had been planted decades before, but the " shooting" had only just started. Lacking wisdom like many of my kind, I chose the side of magic, instead of the side of life.

Many unjustices were heaped upon the techno-centric citizens of my world, a by-product of ego and prejudice on the part of those of us with mystical abilities.

We knew war was coming and made no real effort to stop it, so headstrong were we in our opposed positions. Those of us with magic abilities were certain of our victory and eager to maintain superiority of those without our powers. To our great surprise the workers of technology had more powerful weapons than we realized. Keeeping military secrets was apparently their strong point, while keeping egos inflated was our weakness.

Conventional tech weaponry, nuclear fire, anti-matter radiation and mass mystical bombardment killed four billion people over the course of scant months.

In the final days of our world, I disengaged from the war in desperation and used forbidden magic to open a doorway to a neighboring dimension, escaping the destruction of my world. I compounded my mystical transgression and used a spell of longevity by summoning the demon Jakku in order to extend my life.

I now use both abilities to travel to other worlds like my own and guide them from a distance. My successes and failures are recorded by my current scribe Kwame Opeyo. These are their tales.

"The spirit passes from one body to the next...and  one's good or evil travels with it."
Mage Terminus
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